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    The Choice of Kitchen Island Countertop Material

    Well, there are various kitchen countertop materials available with premium general remodeling contractors. You only need to convey it to your home remodeling expert, and they would install the same. Whether it is your home kitchen or bathing area, countertops are to be seen in these two places. And, in a kitchen, you cannot do without a countertop that primarily accommodates basins, sinks, faucets and also function as a home dining area. Therefore, all modern kitchen islands are now installing high-grade materials and natural stones like marble, granite, quartz and slate to serve the intended purpose. Here in San Diego, CA, home remodeling contractors are now making use of these versatile building materials for designing new kitchen island countertops.

    Granite & Quartz are the Most Popular Materials

    Granite is probably the old school, yet the most versatile kitchen countertop material, apart from marble and black slate. It seldom gets any scratch or stain mark on its surface, due to its very hard composition. It looks elegant and sophisticated at a home that has a compact looking kitchen & dining area. If your kitchen is in constant use, always go for granite as the main kitchen island countertop material. Else, if your kitchen is a spacious and luxurious one, think about installing quartz as the main kitchen island countertop material. One of the leading kitchen remodeling contractors in San Diego, CA, is Open Spaces San Diego that can easily help design and build a new kitchen island with the choice of your countertop material. Whether it is natural stone or reinforced factory produced material like Quartz that has 95% stone and 5% binding agents and resins. Such a unique composition and blend, makes the material even more stronger and robust. You can definitely invest in a Quartz countertop in your kitchen island that looks stylish, elegant and beautiful. It not only produces a glittering and shining effect, but adds to the overall functionality of the kitchen island, as here you’re able to sit together with your family and friends in the evenings. What a way to sit and dine on a newly installed quartz or granite countertop material, placed on the kitchen island, and see the user cook some great culinary delights. It would be a kitchen island worth investing in.